Best STEM Activities You Can Do At Home

If you are looking for ways to keep your child engaged while also teaching them important skills, STEM-based activities are a great option! There are so many fun ideas that you can do with your family with things you already have sitting around your house. Whether you are trying to fill those long summer days or entertain your child until dinner time, keep reading to find a few awesome ideas to try!

All About Magnets (Science)

STEM activities with magnets are a great way to teach your child in the science area. You don’t even have to go out and buy fancy magnets, the ones on your fridge would work great! Using the magnets and other objects that you gather around your house (some magnetic and some not) have your child experiment with the different objects to figure out which will stick together and which won’t!

Computer Coding (Technology)

Coding is how all of our technology devices run. However, learning to code is can actually be really simple! There are so many virtual STEM activities on the internet that can help your child learn to code and prepare them for a career in technology!

Build Some Structures (Engineering)

The possibilities with this one are endless! Practice creating structures that can stand on their own using objects like Legos, wooden blocks, cups, or even index cards. Have your child see if they can build a structure that can hold a toy on top. Want a challenge? Have your child build the tallest structure they can without it falling over.

For the older kids, maybe a toothpicks and marshmallow structure is the way to go. Using these two objects, work with your child to build a bridge or building. If you don’t have toothpicks and marshmallows, you could also use straws and tape!

Egg Drop (Engineering)

Ah, the famous egg drop. Odds are you have probably tried this out in school, but if you haven’t, let’s break it down! Your task is to use whatever you can find to protect an egg from breaking when it is dropped. This is a great activity for kids because they will have to use some critical thinking to decide how to best protect their egg. It might be a little messy, but your child will definitely remember the fun experience!

Numbers and Shapes (Math)

There are tons of activities you can do to teach your child about numbers and shapes! An easy STEM activity with no equipment would be going on a shape hunt. Ask your child to look for something that is a circle, square, triangle, (or for the older kids, throw in an odd shape like a hexagon) and start your search! You can even take this activity outside!

When it comes to teaching numbers, there are some simple STEM activities that only require objects that can be typically found around your house. Anything you can find to count can turn into a quick STEM activity! You could grab some cereal, M&Ms, pretzels, or other small treats and have your child practice counting them out. For the older kids, you can use these treats to teach more complex ideas such as addition or multiplication.


There are so many fun STEM activities to do at home that make teaching your child easy! The best part? You can find almost all of these items throughout your home! Whether you are looking to teach critical thinking or team building, and whether you want to find STEM activity ideas with Legos or candy, there is an activity out there that is sure to excite your child.


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