Cracking the Code: Why Coding is Perfect for Kids!

Odds are, you have probably heard the term “coding” before, but you may have wanted to run in the opposite direction. However, the reality is that coding is actually very easy to learn and apply in many different areas of life. Kids especially have the unique circumstance of growing up in an extremely technological world and would benefit from the many uses of learning how to code. Although it may seem scary, coding is a simple enough task for anyone to learn.

What Is Coding?

Coding at the most basic level is coming up with instructions for a computer to follow. When you create these instructions, you are telling the computer what to do, how to respond, or which option best fits the scenario you are describing. All of the amazing technology we have, from an app on your phone to the car you drive, uses coding to function.

But what if we dive into how coding actually works?

In order to code something, you have to speak a certain language to the computer. You have probably heard of binary code before, which is all of the ones and zeros that tell a computer what to do. This may have been the only way to speak to computers when they first came into existence, but nowadays we have so many easy options for students who want to learn how to code.

Coding Programs

What coding program you use will determine which of the coding languages is needed to tell the computer what to do.

Some of the most popular ones are:

Python- people use python to build games, online tools, and websites. On the surface, python uses recognizable words and codes and once programmed, can be used to write more complicated programs.

JavaScript- This is the most common coding language used. These use a list of instructions called statements that help create games, websites, web apps and more.

Java- This coding is more advanced but once learned, can open the doors to gaming and app development.


If there is one thing that is certain, it is that we will continue to live in a technology-driven world. There are devices and programs that we use every day of our lives that didn’t even exist twenty years ago! By learning to code from a young age, your child can grow up not just using the tools at their disposal, but creating them as well! In addition, coding is basically a one-stop-shop to teach many important skills that children already need to practice in their daily lives, such as problem-solving, cause and effect, and critical thinking.

Next Steps

Consider a coding class or getting them involved in a STEAM/ STEM program! Coding classes for kids focus on turning this seemingly difficult task into a game, making it fun and easy to learn!

Practicing these skills in a coding class or program can lead to many more technical tasks such as website or app building. Once you learn the basics, a world of possibilities opens up!

What Does it All Mean?

We will continue to live in a technology-driven world. There are devices and programs that we use every day of our lives that didn’t even exist twenty years ago!

If your child has ever wondered how things work or has a desire to create, coding would be a perfect skill for them to learn. The natural curiosity of a child makes them the perfect candidate to get started on their own coding journey. Whether you are looking for a summer activity or something your child can use as a life-long skill, coding is something that anyone can learn very quickly. The possibilities of what to do with this knowledge are endless!

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